Content Marketing

Standing Out

In the bombardment of constant online marketing, usually more annoying than actually relevant, only some types of content catch our eye. What allows companies, organizations and individuals to stand out from the rest? How can marketers be unique yet leverage their content to organically rank? Success and instant results are often promised but not achieved.

Content marketing is not a microwaveable solution to quickly acquire results. However, it is the most rewarding long term marketing answer to build brand awareness, become a respected thought leader in your industry and ultimately drive leads.  This new type of non-interruptive content stands out from the rest by giving audiences the type of content that they want.

Value-Added Content

In order to give audiences what they want, there has to be a significant amount of value placed into content. The best way to start is by understandings the needs and desires of your customers so that content can be messaged in a way that caters to that target audience. Once the industry and target audiences are defined, you need to hook your readers. Marketable content must have substance and value so potential clients can discover something new, relate with or even become inspired by. A key step to value-added content is the creation process. The media type, keywords used, content placement, brand voice and titles are just a few factors involved in making high-value content. Search Engine optimization (SEO) must also be implemented into the content for true organic results. Enhancing your organic search rank and online following will be determined by the quality of content, proper incorporation of SEO, frequency of posting and placement.

Content Distribution

Once the content has been created and edited, it must be shared with the target audience. Creating channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and WordPress are great social media outlets.  It is important to only participate with the channels that your target audiences are active on so that you don’t waste time and resources. Posting channel specific content will increases your chances of striking a cord with audiences.  People are on each social media site for different reasons, so learn what channels have a specific focus or theme that your content can be tailored to.

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