Artist Management

Promoting Your Talent

uPromote Marketing does more than marketing. We also specialize in artist management and promotional services that provides an unpatrolled experience where your career comes first. Orchestrating the logistics that involve negotiations, bookings and maintenance of day-to-day business affairs can be burdensome. Factor out these areas and pursue your talents while we drive your career with sound business management.

How we Manage

uPromote Marketing values the talent of our clients and seeks to best represent them by retaining a personal and professional relationships. Ultimately, our artists hold the reins to key decisions, but by understanding the areas that are of most importance, uPromote can more effectively act on behalf of our clients. Once these areas of importance are apparent, we implement a roadmap that encompasses mutual expectations and intended outcomes. uPromote Marketing offers direct and personal advice for our talent that is tailored to their long-term goals. Truly knowing and understanding our client’s plays a crucial role in creating their path to success, while keeping their vision unaltered.

At uPromote, we vigorously work to cultivate relationships within the music industry so that each element of your career receives the upmost attention.  uPromote Marketing is your ultimate liaison as we offer sage advice and counsel to drive your success and best interests.

For personal representation, please contact our Talent Management team.

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