• SEO is changing

    Posted on March 27, 2012 by upm in Uncategorized.

    Google has announced that they are changing the way they index their organic listings. As explained by Econsultancy, Google will de-index major link building networks and link farms. These networks and farms use anchor-text rich links to point back to target sites to increase their rankings. Google and many of you have surely searched for something only to find a page that is completely irrelevant to what you are looking for. This is what happens when people use these farms to boost personal needs without contributing to organic listings with value added content. Google is looking for unique and fresh content on sites that keep a general theme. Most of these farms have numerous themes that do not correspond to each other. This makes it very difficult for Google to generate organic listings that are actually relevant to your search. Google has finally dropped the hammer on how many companies create and distribute links by stepping up their link assessment and by de-indexing sites that are over-engineered for SEO. This will build the need for sites with high quality, useful and innovative content that will attract links naturally. SEO is experiencing a lot of changes that will change the way companies and individuals increase their organic rankings. The future holds most promise with content marketing. Content marketing is the future of all SEO and social media initiatives.

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